AmazonBasics Multi-colour Gaming Mouse Review

Gaming gear is passing through technological advancement over the years similar to computer games. Nowadays people prefer using gaming gear in order to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience on the screen. You can see a vast range of gaming gear nowadays. Gaming mice are different from the standard mice and they comprise additional buttons and features to give you a different gaming experience. You can see hundreds of cheap products nowadays and you must get the best from hundreds of products. Gaming mice is an essential thing for the gamers and if you are looking for a basic gaming mouse along with advanced features with an affordable price tag, you can take a look on the AmazonBasics Multi-colour Gaming Mouse.

Ergonomic design

AmazonBasics Multi-colour Gaming Mouse gets numerous advanced features that make it an interesting choice for the gamers. It comes with an ergonomic design that makes it attractive to the users. It means the users can get a comfortable grip and ultimate control while playing on the computer. There are many gamers who complain about the bad positioning and design of mice that interrupt gaming for long hours. AmazonBasics Multi-colour Gaming Mouse is designed for the gamers and if you are looking for a gaming mouse with the latest design, this should be on your bucket list, or if you’re unsure check the reviews on to see if you find what you’re looking for.

Adjustable DPI

AmazonBasics Multi-colour Gaming MouseAmazonBasics Multi-colour Gaming Mouse comes with a highly efficient optical sensor with 3200 DPI rating that helps in pixel-precise tracking. Moreover, it has dedicated buttons for switching across 200, 400, 1200, 1600, 2400, and 3200 DPI resolution. DPI is required for a faster gameplay and professional gamers often face numerous problems while playing with a basic mouse. Adjustable DPI feature is only available in several high-end gaming mice and you can get it for a decent price. If you choose the AmazonBasics Multi-colour Gaming Mouse, you get this feature for a cheap price.

Multiple buttons and customizable colors

AmazonBasics Multi-colour Gaming Mouse comprises advanced Omron mouse switches, which is specially designed for gamers. The product is durable and it allows you to enjoy the RGB lighting feature along with 16.8 million customizable colors. You can change the color with the additional buttons and it is very simple. Moreover, you can utilize the 6 different programmable buttons and onboard memory for manual configurations for different games. The buttons are placed properly which is one of the vital requirements among the gamers. You can enjoy high-end gaming without any lag or interference.

Strong compatibility 

AmazonBasics Multi-colour Gaming Mouse is very simple to program and it comes with AmazonBasics gaming software. This mouse is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and you also enjoy one-year warranty with these features.


The mouse can be used for your general use as well. It would be better if you see this mouse as an all-purpose mouse. Moreover, the price is also cheap considering the price of other leading brands. You can check the ratings and have a look on AmazonBasics Multi-colour Gaming Mouse if you are looking for a good mouse within a decent price.

Nesco FD-61WHC Overview

If you are thinking of investing in a quality food dehydrator; the Nesco FD-61WHC Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator is the best choice for you to consider. This product allows you to dry out different food items and create the healthy snacks at home itself. Getting the right food dehydrator can be tricky, but Nesco makes it easy. Nesco has been widely raved about from all sides of the internet, including harsh critics Delicious.


Nesco FD-61WHCThis all in one dehydrating kit allows you to dry the food products and create the healthy home-made snacks. It allows you to make the snacks at the cost much lower than the commercial ones and also in time less than that. It works with a fan that is mounted on the top; it makes sure that the food items placed in the trays are provided consistent heat. It is able to dry the fruits, vegetables and even the jerky that is placed in this dehydrator. The process is extremely easy to be completed and does not require much effort to go with. You will be provided with five trays in total as well as a jerky gun for the ease of usage. This dehydrator also has to provide you the fruit roll sheet as well as a clean screen for carrying out the herb drying operations. It is also offering you an additional recipe book to try out different and new snack preparation. This product works on a 500 watts motor for providing you the fast and efficient services.


  • The heat source and the fan are located on the lid itself in order to evenly spread the heat.
  • It is extremely simple to use and also provides you one button start for ease of usage.
  • You can easily adjust the temperature of this dehydrator according to the type of food that is kept inside.
  • It is extremely easy to clean as well as maintain.
  • The price charged for this dehydrating unit is extremely cheap and affordable.


  • The need for rotating the shelves can really be inconvenient.
  • You are occasionally required to lift the lid; as the dehydrator is meant to run the hot water sometimes when it is used on the high settings.


The Nesco FD-61WHC Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator surely is an easy use product. Investing in this product will help you to cut down a lot of efforts to put in. This product will surely prove to be worthy of the amount that you have spent in it.

Tribute to Leonor González Mina

Leonor González Mina was born in 1934 in Robles (Valle del Cauca). During his artistic career he has performed from boleros, corridors and bambucos, to the best of the music of the Caribbean and the Colombian Pacific. She became famous with the performances ‘Yo llamo cumbia’, ‘A la mina’ and ‘Navidad negra’. During the XIV Festival of Music of the Pacific a well-deserved tribute will be paid to La negra Grande de Colombia.